About Us

Whether you are :

* A Professional Adviser seeking resources to add value to the services your provide to your clients,
* A Business Owner wanting to know about how to solve the succession dilemma,
* An Individual or Family wanting to know how to protect your assets and their ultimate distribution

the team at The Corporate Will Company and its subsidiary, Willpower, are here to provide specialist advice, support and implementation strategies on :

* Estate Planning :
providing for the protection of your assets whilst you are alive and ensuring that, in the event of your death, the right assets go to the right people at the right time.

* Succession Planning :
providing for the orderly transfer of ownership of business interests arising from management succession needs or crisis succession events. It is a vital business continuity strategy and part of the estate planning process.

* Business Continuity Planning :
identifying the threats to business continuity from a people perspective and implementing strategies to minimize their impact on the future of the enterprise.


♦ Michael Sayer commenced The Corporate Will Company in 1992 with the objective of making the business community more aware of the need for succession planning and to bring together the varied skills and structures required to provide comprehensive solutions to the succession challenges confronting business owners.

♦ Working with other professionals, we adopt a strategic approach to succession planning by helping business owners to identify the risks they confront in achieving their objectives and implementing strategies to provide certainty in the succession process.

♦ The Corporate Will Company model for business continuity planning recognizes that planned or crisis succession should not be considered in isolation by business, rather it should be seen as an integral part of a number of continuity strategies that take into account the contribution people make to the success of the enterprise.

♦ Succession planning is a vital part of a business owners’ estate plan in that without appropriate planning the value of their interest in the business cannot be realised at the appropriate time to their benefit, or the benefit of their beneficiaries.

♦ The Corporate Will Company places significant focus in its product portfolio on estate planning for business owners, professionals and individuals seeking to protect their assets as part of their financial planning process.

♦ The Corporate Will Company has extensive experience in working with professional groups including accountants, lawyers, business coaches and financial planners to provide added value to their services and to harmonise their respective skills to produce comprehensive business and financial protection solutions.

♦ We place great emphasis not just on the implementation of strategies but also on the creation of review platforms to ensure that changing circumstances do not invalidate the work that has been done.


We are committed to being recognised as the change leaders of Succession Planningand to achieve unparalleled success in making estate and business succession planning more accessible to the Australian community thereby creating certainty for tomorrow.


  1. Seek to understand

  2. Walk the talk

  3. Promote knowledge

  4. Strive to improve

  5. Empower others

  6. Contribute before expecting reward

  7. Make our future bigger that our past


To make estate and business succession planning simpler, effective and accessible.


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