Alliance Partners

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The Corporate Will Company, through its Alliance Partnership Programme, is committed to providing its Professional Adviser Partners with a competitive edge through its value added advice and services.

You may be aware, for example, that your clients need to implement estate planning or succession planning strategies but you haven’t been able to allocate the resources (if they are available) to get the job done. The Corporate Will Company can assist in the analysis of client needs, providing solutions with your input where appropriate, and implementing the required strategies.

Your clients will acknowledge that they are receiving extra value as a result of their relationship with your firm.

Our Alliance Partnership Programme will compliment your business by;

Protecting your Clients’ Assets

Proper estate and business continuity planning, including succession strategies, will provide your clients with peace of mind and certainty in areas that are all too often ignored or “put off till later”.

The protection of your clients against the risks associated with lack of planning assists in maintaining your client base and increasing its future value through the succession to future generations of your clients personal and business assets.

Protecting your Liability

In this litigious world, professional advisers know that they face an increasing risk of a client (or their beneficiaries) saying “why didn’t you tell the client this” or “how come this wasn’t dealt with”.

They also know that the regulators are increasing their expectations of professional advisers and that a cursory reference to asset protection or succession, or the ticking of a box on a check list, may not be sufficient protection against a client seeking to recover their losses.

Advisers are under increasing pressure to know their client and take appropriate action.

By providing a recourse to wealth and asset succession strategies, alliance partners can protect themselves against possible attack from aggrieved clients.

Increasing your Bottom Line

Our alliance partners are often required to provide us with relevant advice and information to complete appropriate strategies for a referred client. Accordingly, clients are made aware of the possibility that fees may be charged by the referring alliance partner.

Protecting your Client Base

Statistics show that estate planning and business succession planning are all too often left unattended.

This is no guarantee however that another professional will not seek to complete your client’s needs.

As such, your client base maybe at risk; a risk that can be managed by referring these needs to The Corporate Will Company.

Our Commitment

In its commitment to working with other professionals, The Corporate Will Company’s promise is to support its alliance partners;
♦ Whilst acknowledging that your time is precious.
♦ In the knowledge that your client base is your most valuable asset and must be treated with due care and     integrity.
♦ By providing timely and consistent service.
♦ By increasing referrals to your firm.
♦ By providing useful information and knowledge on a regular but not invasive manner.
♦ By keeping you regularly informed on the progress of client referrals.

Contact us today to discover more about our alliance support programmes, including newsletters, education programmes and client seminars.