Thank you for introducing me to trauma insurance and your help in securing the successful claim for my prostate cancer.  The premiums seemed expensive but as you pointed out, the cost is a reflection of the relatively high probability of an insured trauma occurring.

I was sceptical about the need for such insurance since I was fit and in good health with a super fund that would provide a comfortable pension.  However, my cancer came quickly without warning and the insurance money meant there was no urgency in making a decision about returning to work or not and whether to start drawing a pension.

Thankfully the prognosis for my cancer is excellent and the insurance payment allows me great flexibility in planning my future after such a potentially life changing event.


27th April 2007

During the process of reviewing my financial affairs a few years ago, it was suggested I should take trauma insurance out.At the time I was ambivalent but decided I would purchase a policy after some thought. I was 48 years old at the time. Shortly after my 52nd birthday, I discovered that I had a large tumour in my left buttock. The treatment was six weeks radiotherapy followed by surgery and a sixteen week course of chemotherapy after recovering from the surgery. The process involved five months away from work.

Immediately upon diagnosis, I filed the claim for the trauma insurance and it was paid before the date of the surgery.I went into the surgery and chemotherapy phase with a significant payment deposited in the bank.It was a great relief not to have to worry about providing for my family during the period that I was unable to work.This helped me in concentrating on my recovery.

Thinking back over the experience, I am very pleased that I had the trauma insurance.The claim process was relatively straightforward and quite quick.The payment was made into our bank ahead of treatment starting.There were very few conditions like the waiting periods and phase payment requirements that one has with income protection insurance.I have since recommended trauma insurance to a number of my friends.


23rd June 2009